We tell stories from around the world to create a contemporary dog-centric cultural destination featuring influencers, artists, style icons and charities. Pet-fi is curated by experts to offer our community exceptional dog-welcoming experiences from travel and design to care and welfare.

We handpick the brands that you’ll want to engage with, news of exciting new products, pet-friendly establishments, tips for travel - all with an eye to the amusing, the compelling and the wonderfully luxurious.

Our ethos is quality over quantity. We actively support and promote accredited programmes for animal welfare and conservation worldwide as well as businesses with sustainable practices and ethically sourced.

Our Ambassadors

We work with a network of influencers who share our love of dogs, style and good design. We're always interested in talking to people who have turned their passion into a large and loyal following. If that's you and you’d like to engage with the Pet-Fi community, please get in touch.

Our Partnerships

If your business provides goods and services relevant to style-conscious dog owners, we'd like to hear from you. We curate all our content and will be enthusiastic collaborators, helping you extend the reach of your brand through the co-production of films and the development of new product ranges.

Video Production

For more information contact us at pet-fi.co.uk